AIFA Training Pesonnel

George Base

AIFA’s flying training personnel at the George base comprises the Head of Training, a Chief Flying Instructor (CFI), a Deputy CFI, three mentor instructors and twelve flying instructors as well as the Chief Ground Instructor.

George base also host our High Performance training department with their own dedicated team comprising of a High Performance CFI, and three High Performance instructors.

A Safety Manager oversees aviation safety for all our Bases and Occupational Health and Safety is handled by the OHS Officer.

Oudtshoorn Base

The flight training personnel at the Oudtshoorn base comprises of fourteen fully qualified flight instructors under the leadership of a CFI and a deputy CFI and three mentor instructors.

Two senior ground school lecturers are based in Oudtshoorn on a full time basis, as well as part-time lecturers from time to time.

The Head of Standards is situated in Oudtshoorn and oversees the training standards and quality assurance of all three bases.

Beaufort West Base

Beaufort West being our newest base comprises of a CFI, deputy CFI and two mentor instructors leading a team of seven flight instructors, a ground school lecturer is responsible for all theoretical training.


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